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Michigan Fishing Articles

Carp and Pike Fly Fishing

Our guides may be known as trout, steelhead, and salmon-lovers, but we also go after other fish species.

Fishing Photos Fishing Photos
Fly Pattern Instructions

A collection of famous Schmidt fly patterns with step-by-step instructions.

Guide Wisdom

Our guides spend an extensive amount of time on the water giving "swimming lessons" to flies, and as a benefit to you, have compiled articles imparting their observations.

Michigan Flies and Hatches Michigan Flies and Hatches
Michigan Trout Michigan Trout
Salmon Fly Fishing Salmon Fly Fishing
Smallmouth Bass Fishing Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Northern Michigan presents many options for fishing smallmouth bass on the fly.

Spey Angling
Steelhead on the Fly Steelhead on the Fly

Brown Trout

American history of the Brown Trout

by Ray Schmidt
Spey Rod Fishing -vs- Switch Rod Fishing

Read Ray's account on this subject

by Ray Schmidt
Happy Thanksgiving! New!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

by Amy MacEachern
Manistee River Logging Manistee River Logging

This log was retrieved out of the Manistee River at Blacksmith Bayou.

by Ray Schmidt
2014 Year In Review

2014 has taken us on a wild ride for fishing, but we've had a blast nonetheless. John recaps what the year was like as we look forward to the quickly-approaching new year.

by John Gouker
A Guide's Journey

My angling life started early with my grandfather taking me on fishing adventures when I was four or five. That started me on my journey to becoming an angler. Friends and family, along with geographical moves, put me firmly on a path to my life as a guide today.

by John Gouker
A Wander Through the Woods

The Manistee River Trail, a place of timeless beauty for the adventurer or the casual wanderer.

by Amy MacEachern
Ajae's Polar Daddy Fly Tying Recipe Ajae's Polar Daddy Fly Tying Recipe New!

Our guide John Gouker developed this crayfishy, sculpiny fly for smallmouth bass, trout, or even for swinging for steelhead.

by John Gouker
Fly Shop News - April 2014

Stay up-to-date with everything going on at our fly shop with Amy's report.

by Amy MacEachern
The Importance of Teaching Youth to Fly Fish

Technology may connect each of us, but we need to remember to connect to the world around us as well. Kids, more than any of us, need to have an appreciation for the world we're giving them. Because we at Schmidt Outfitters passionately believe that fly fishing is an important way to connect with nature, every summer our staff collaborates with the Pine River Chapter of Trout Unlimited to teach kids how to fly fish.

by Amy MacEachern
Winter at Schmidt Outfitters New!

Winter adventurers, rejoice! The snow has returned to the mitten state. If you're looking for a place to come for a few days of wild winter fun, Schmidt Outfitters is the place to be.

by Amy MacEachern
Women's Fly Fishing School with Linda Heller

Linda Heller of Clouser Fly Fishing and the Temple Fork advisory staff will be teaching a Women's Fly Fishing School at Schmidt Outfitters summer 2015.

by Amy MacEachern