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Brown Trout
Brown Trout
by Ray Schmidt
02/07/12 Ray Schmidt

Brown Trout (salmo trutta) The Brown Trout (salmo trutta) are common and scattered thru-out the world where cold clear waters exist. The Brown Trout's native range is thru-out eastern Europe.

Brown Trout named so because the skin color of the fish that live in most rivers are of a golden brown color with dark spots mixed with red spots.

Brown Trout live long lives, sometimes as long as 15 years and can grow to become very large. World record is 43 lbs taken from the Manistee River in Northwestern Michigan by hook and line.

Brown Trout were brought to North America around 1883 from their native country of Germany and first planted in Michigan's Pere Marquette river. Since this introduction Brown Trout have spread thru-out the United States and the world.

Identifying characteristics: Two dorsal fins including one adipose fin, broad square tongue with 11-12 large teeth, light pectoral fins, square tail, 9-10 rays in the anal fin.

Brown trout are close relative of the Atlantic salmon, and also were brought to North American waters as exotics.

Brown Trout are favorites of fly anglers as they commonly feed on or near the waters surface.

This fish feeds largely on aquatic insects in the first part of their lives. As the fish matures in age and size they are know to eat most anything that swims or drops in the water. Other fish, crabs, mice,mall birds are a few of the known victims.